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Platform screen doors – sometimes referred to by the acronym PSDs or the alternative term platform edge doors – separate the platform from the train at train and metro stations. While relatively new, they are already utilised in many metro systems around the world, sometimes being retrofitted to previously established setups.

The term “platform screen doors” can be used for full height and half height barriers, the latter being the shorter version that doesn’t reach the ceiling to create a total barrier. These types of doors minimise risk on public transportation systems in expanding metropolitan areas, and they’re in use at many locations throughout Europe and Asia.

With a safe separator between the passenger zone and the danger area of the train tracks, people can feel completely safe during their commute. The system is innovative and units are always built around the unique requirements and layout of the train or metro stations in question.

Horton Services is here to help you ensure that your platform screen doors are always operating optimally and in line with manufacturer recommendations. We provide flexible packages that include general checks, regular servicing, and comprehensive repairs where required.

Maintenance and Servicing
for Platform Screen Doors

Because platform screen doors need to be operational at all times, they need constant checking and ongoing care, which is where Horton Services comes in to help. We are available at all times to ensure that everything is operating to maximum capacity.

Our team will keep a thorough maintenance record of your platform screen doors, so you have a comprehensive service history for your records. Regular preventative maintenance will be conducted to minimise any errors and eradicate issues before they even arise. Being proactive is always important when it comes to platform screen and edge doors at metro stations.

We will check the cables to prevent connection errors, improve the reliability of PSDs with tested methods, and carry out tests with certified tools. With many years of experience in the business, you can rely on Horton Services to get the job done quickly and comprehensively.

From emergency callouts to providing annual service plans, we can do it all. Not only are our services fast and efficient, they are also affordably priced. All price packages will be tailored to the client’s requirements and pre-set budget, so get in touch with us today for a free quotation.


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Give our professional maintenance team a call on 01952 678 520 if you’d like to book an inspection of platform screen doors. We’ll carry out a thorough check and advise you on the best maintenance options.


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